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Aerosol Containers Certification: Containers 101, 102, & 103

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  • Duration 23m 40s
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  • Last Update August 23, 2022

About Course

This learning path provides a basic understanding of both the practical and technical aspects of Aerosol containers. It combines three courses: Aerosol Containers 101, Aerosol Containers 102, and Aerosol Containers 103 which will earn you an "Aerosol Containers Certification". Upon completion, it will be available for download or to embed in your LinkedIn profile. This comprehensive course provides a deeper understanding of the function of the aerosol container.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is an aerosol container?
  • What types of aerosol containers are there?
  • What is overflow capacity and how do I measure it?
  • How do I measure height and width of an aerosol container?
  • What are DOT regulations as it relates to aerosol containers?
  • What types of aerosol container openings are there?
  • What is the ideal information provided when requesting samples?
  • Impact extrusion of a slug.
  • What is a slug?
  • Inside Lining application
  • How to measure inside lining integrity
  • Basecoat, Printing and Over Varnish application
  • Shoulder and Curl formation
  • Pressure rating information
  • DOT regulation on placing rating and M numbers on cans
  • Options on inside linings
  • Options on Shoulder configuration
  • Can curl Options
  • OFC (Overflow capacity)
  • Reviewing spec for samples and orders

Course content

3 Lessons23m 40s

Steel & Aluminum Can Size Guide PDF

Containers 101 coursework: Watch an 8-minute Containers Presentation and Download PDF course materials.
Containers 101 Presentation + Download NEW Steel & Aluminum Can Size Guide
Containers 101 Quiz

Aluminum Can Basics by Dennis Smith

Aluminum Extruded Aerosol Container Technical

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Dennis Smith

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Montebello Packaging  
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Student Reviews

Clarify units when possible. Further explain internal lining thicknesses and pros/cons use-cases of each type.



very clear and easy to understand with quiz

Very detailed information

Very insightful course!

Excellent and very educational. Thank you.

easy to understand and a good background

Great overview of containers


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